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There is no New World Order conspiracy

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This post was therefore not published yesterday (i.e. International Workers’ Day).

Since publishing my book, I have been contacted by a number of academics in a variety of countries who are doing – or have done – research into climate change scepticism (i.e. similar to that which I did for my MA – the basis of my book).  As well as being very enthusiastic about my research, they have all asked me why I did not get it published in an academic journal.  However, the answer to this question is simple: I did not rate my chances as an unknown, sole author, while not doing a PhD.  I am therefore now actively pursuing the possibility of doing both.

However, to get to the point, having established these contacts, it is obvious to me that, along with ‘Agenda 21’, the concept of a ‘New World Order’ conspiracy is one that I did not mention in my dissertation two years ago.  Although one is merely a subset of the other, Wikipedia is a good place to start if you are unfamiliar with these terms:
— Agenda 21  is a non-binding, voluntarily implemented action plan of the United Nations with regard to sustainable development. It is a product of the UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992. It is an action agenda for the UN, other multilateral organizations, and individual governments around the world that can be executed at local, national, and global levels.
— The common theme in conspiracy theories about a New World Order is that a secretive… elite with a globalist agenda is conspiring to eventually rule the world through an authoritarian world government…  Significant occurrences in politics and finance… and current events are seen as steps in an on-going plot to achieve world domination through secret political gatherings and decision-making processes.

Christopher Monckton, the third Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, is fond of mentioning Agenda 21 in his speeches (e.g. here and here), but I have still not come across anyone (maybe I have just not looked hard enough) who frequently refers explicitly to the New World Order (NWO).  Having said that, NWO conspiracy theory is the basis of James Delingpole’s stupid Watermelons books.

The trouble is, of course, that, whereas the organised nature of the campaign to discredit climate science and scientists is a very well-documented conspiracy fact, the idea that there is a global conspiracy to bring about an NWO is a delusion.  Indeed, it may even be a form of vestigial anti-Semitism.  I say this because Hitler believed the Jews were intent on establishing an NWO. However, as well as being entirely discredited long before the start of World War Two (WW2), this idea was – and is – entirely intellectually incoherent.  In the decades preceding WW2, Jews were simultaneously accused of plotting to bring about an NWO and derided for being obsessed with making money.  Despite this, even today, anti-Semitic organisations such as Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood indoctrinate their followers into believing that there is an NWO conspiracy – they just call it ‘Zionism’.  But that is another story.

Certainly, from the beginning of the Cold War onwards, belief in an NWO and/or characterisation of the USSR as the “evil empire” or “Red Menace”, acted as a recruiting sergeant for libertarians and free-market economists everywhere.  Furthermore, as Naomi Oreskes and Erik Conway have clearly documented, in their book Merchants of Doubt, it was a bunch of neo-conservative physicists, whose worldview was forged in the Cold War era, who laid the foundations of the campaign to dispute climate science for ideological reasons.  In the twilight years of the USSR (before the Berlin Wall came down), it was they who convinced President George Bush to resist much of what the first Rio Earth Summit sought to do in 1992…  The USA had decided that the new enemy was “environmentalism”.  People may think this is simplistic but the German Minister for the Environment at the time, Klaus Topfer, is on record as having said this is how he perceived the USA’s position at the time  (See Timothy Luke’s ‘A Rough Road out of Rio’ (2000) – PDF available here).

Sadly, the idea that environmentalism is the enemy of progress is complete bullshit.

I’m sorry to be so blunt but, there really is no better word for it.  However, this is sad for a variety of reasons:
— So many have been – and still are – convinced that concern for the environment is a form of Communism (or Fascism).
— This powerful delusion has been responsible for the failure of international efforts to prevent the environmental catastrophe that is now unfolding.
— The failure of climate scientists to explain their message in such as way as to shatter this delusion may result in things getting much worse than they might have done.
— The World’s politicians are yet to wake up to (or admit) the reality that simply curtailing the increase in global CO2 emissions will never solve the problem.

What we needed was ecological modernisation (i.e. modifications to the way we do things so as to make them more ecologically-friendly and environmentally-sustainable).  Instead, what we have got is economic stagnation (because perpetual growth in consumption and accelerating resource depletion was always going to run into trouble eventually).

The questions that therefore remain are whether climate change sceptics are going to continue to try to perpetuate:
— The myth that Communists realised they could not win power in Western democracies so therefore invented the Green Party instead.
— The myth that there is a left-wing conspiracy to over-tax and over-regulate people (so as to make everyone poorer).
— The myth that we need not worry about the finite nature of the Earth’s mineral resources or its ability to deal with our pollution simply because of human ingenuity (Prometheanism) or Nature’s bounty (Cornucopianism).

I really do think it is time to admit that the game is up, the NWO does not exist:
— The only environmental conspiracy is that which seeks to deny the truth that human activity is irreversibly altering the Earth’s climate.
— The only political conspiracy is that which seeks to under-tax and under-regulate industry (so as to make a few people richer).
— The amount of energy received from the Sun is effectively constant and therefore, by powering industrialised civilisation using the fossilised energy received by the Earth over millions of years, the Carbon Era has been neither physically nor environmentally sustainable.

So, then, the NWO conspiracy does not exist.  However, that is not the end of the story.

Sadly, as I pointed out three months ago now, the CO2 fairy does not exist either:  Given the history of exponentially growing demand for fossil fuels (and therefore CO2 emissions), it will be a very long time until carbon capture and storage (CCS) could possibly begin to solve our problem.  Indeed, the technology is still at the experimental stage and, even once the best method of CCS is identified, it will then have to be made operational on a global basis such that sequestration exceeds emissions.  Only then would the atmospheric concentration of CO2 begin to fall. This will therefore never happen unless global emissions are massively reduced.

The Stone Age did not end because we ran out of stones; and we have a limited carbon budget that we simply cannot exceed and expect to retain a habitable planet.  Therefore, wherever their use is easily substitutable, we need to phase out the use of fossil fuels as soon as possible.  And, yes, that is the end of story.

34 Responses

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  1. You are defining New World Order, then knocking down the definition you’ve just given us. It’s called a ‘straw man argument’, but I’m sure you already know that. George bush reckons there is a New World Order, he gave a speech to Congress on it on Sept 11, 1991.

    • Thanks for visiting and commenting. I do not see this as a straw man argument at all. This is an appeal to reason; a request for people to put away the ‘bedtime stories’ (as David Aaronovitch has termed them) that they tell themselves; and start dealing with the reality that human activity is affecting the Earth’s climate.

      Martin Lack

      2 May 2013 at 09:24

      • You don’t see it as straw man because it simply isn’t. The author is referring to the NWO conspiracy and using a common understanding of the theory. So no, it is not a straw man argument. Bush is not speaking of the NWO of conspiracy. Mr. Mcstone is a tattie.

        Derek Irvine

        10 September 2013 at 19:31

        • With regard to HMcSt, there is no law that says everyone who accepts science will reject all conspiracy theories.

          Martin Lack

          10 September 2013 at 21:46

    • George Bush can reckon whatever he damn’ well pleases. As can I. The man was a tool, as are all those ‘leaders’ who deny the reality of limits so as to perpetuate the rapidly unravelling farce that is ‘business as usual’.


      2 May 2013 at 21:32

    • We are under attack by the forces of darkness. In 1947, when Aleister Crowley died, he left behind a sketch of one of the “Secret Chiefs”, Crowley’s invisible mentor that he called LAM. The sketch looks like a Grey Alien.” (Source: Wikipedia biography of Aleister Crowleys’ alien controllers called the “Secret chiefs”).(2)

      The ‘chain of command’ of the forces of evil on planet Earth looks like this:
      “The Secret Chiefs” Small Grey Aliens.
      “Lal” / “Lam” Aleister Crowleys’ small grey alien ‘spirit guide’.
      Aleister Crowley Psychotic bisexual drug addicted Satanist ‘inspired’ by “Lal” or “Lam”.
      Jack Parsons Satanist / NASA rocket engineer. Disciple of Crowley. Mentor of L.Ron Hubbard.
      L.Ron Hubbard Satanist / founder of The Church of Scientology. Fraud. Liar. Fantasist. Egomaniac, Demagogue.
      David Miscavige Fuhrer of the Church of Scientology. Known for his violent temper, assaults of other Scientologists. His own neice claims he is a ‘dictator’.
      Duncan Michael Roads Scientologist. Nexus magazine editor. Profits financially from the worldwide ‘NWO/UFO conspiracy’ industry. Supporter of Muammar Gaddafi.
      Dr Richard A Miller Nexus Conference 2011 guest speaker. Mentioned one of his colleagues working at Montauk Research facility, New York, where the ‘Montauk Monster’ was washed ashore.

      [De-contextualised and unreferenced quotations (etc) snipped as the whole thing is off-topic (see below) – ML]


      8 June 2013 at 11:06

      • Indulging in my own conspiracy theory for a moment, why is it that there is no website associated with the Australian ISP/URL implied by the second half of your email address? I do not dispute the existence of secret societies such as Freemasons and the Scientology cult. All I was trying to do with this post was challenge the use of NWO conspiracy as an excuse to dismiss the reality, reliability or reasonableness of the scientific consensus regarding climate science. Unless the Scientology cult (etc) is also peddling the myth that humans are not the primary cause of ongoing climate change, your comments are off-topic (and I cannot be bothered to find out). Therefore, unless you can demonstrate there is a link to the subject of this post, please do not repeat them. If you do, further comments will be deleted.

        Martin Lack

        8 June 2013 at 11:51

  2. What this piece lacks is a caveat; an expression of doubt. You’re saying “There is no New World Order conspiracy”. I cannot say with absolute certainty you’re wrong, but I can say with certainty that your headline is an expression of opinion rather than fact.

    • You may be right, but this is an argument against using conspiracy theories to explain away and/or justify abdications of responsibility for bad things that happen (and are happening).

      George Bush was stuck in the anti-Communist era and nothing he says justifies treating environmental campaigners like anarchists, communists, or fascists: We just want humans to stop treating Nature like a warehouse of goods from which it takes and assumes will never empty. As E.F. Schumacher said, we have mistaken Nature’s capital for a source of income and, as any good businessman would recognise, such a mistake will eventually lead to bankruptcy.

      Martin Lack

      2 May 2013 at 09:38

      • Please pull your blinders off and consider the irrefutable conclusion you will come to after reading the incredible evidence that Dave Hodges has put together on Agenda 21, et all at the Yes, EVERY bad thing happening in this world, today, is due to a cabal of satan-worshipping bankers with an agenda to enslave ALL people outside of their bloodlines. Your eyes will be opened very soon. Mark my words.


        1 July 2014 at 03:44

        • Even allowing for the tongue-in-cheek nature of this comment (I hope), I feel it may be necessary to repeat my previous clarification: This post could perhaps have been titled better. My point was not that there is no conspiracy (i.e. a super-wealthy, self-serving elite). My point is (or should have been) that climate science is not part of that conspiracy.

          Martin Lack

          1 July 2014 at 10:39

  3. Clearly the very fact that you deny the existence of the ‘elite’ and their plan to enslave us all into a NWO and pretend Agenda 21 is just about ‘sustainability’ is proof that NWO really does exist and you must work for the ‘elite’ so come on Martin pull off your skin suit and show us your scaly skin and 3 foot 6 inside leg measurement. I mean Agenda 21- it has the word agenda in it- look at dictionary to see that really means ‘a NWO is coming’ and 21, is hiding the conspiracy in plain sight, 21= 2+1= 3 + the sides of the all seeing eye pyramid is 6, the number of 3/4 of the beast. It’s all there.

    [warning: this comment may contain parody!]


    2 May 2013 at 19:54

    • Thanks Jules. Don’t worry, I realised you were joking. However, the elite definitetly exists. It is what Patrice calls the “plutocracy”. If there is an NWO, that is it.

      Martin Lack

      2 May 2013 at 21:29

      • Just for the record, it’s not just Patrice that talks about a plutocracy. Those with lots of munny are reputed to be smart cookies: I feel sure they are very well aware that the shit is about to hit the fan, and their only interest is ensuring that they maintain the resources to ensure that they retain their positions at the top of the pecking order when it does. I for one have no well-stocked bunker to retreat to: but I’ll bet my ‘bottom dollar’ (as they say) that every multi-billionaire on the planet has not just one, but several.


        2 May 2013 at 21:40

  4. Here I am! New World Order Conspiracy Specialist (NWOCS)!

    Indeed, as Martin points out, there is a New world Order, and it’s the (global, USA centered) plutocracy. Just meditate the “Quincy Agreement” of 1945, valid for 60 years, and renewed for 60 years by G.W.Bush a billionaire plutocrat, son of USA president CIA head, himself a billionaire heir of the right hand man of Adolf Hitler, Prescott Bush.

    That “Quincy Agreement” was between a supposed democracy, the USA, and a particular family which had just seized power over an entire mini continent, using illegitimate military force. In exchange for oil, the Saudi family would recycle all its dollars on Wall Street. Roosevelt, of course, was himself from a powerful plutocratic family. Theodore Roosevelt, himself a USA president was basically his god father and main feature at FDR’s marriage.

    For more about savory, extremely profitable, relations between various USA plutocrats and the Nazis, please consult my site…

    Patrice Ayme

    3 May 2013 at 17:26

    • Thanks Patrice. What I think we need, however, is a new post on your blog entitled “Plutocracy – the real NWO conspiracy”. You may have said it all, many times, but it would be nice to have it all in one place.

      Martin Lack

      3 May 2013 at 18:32

  5. […] among others.  Anyone who has read my blog recently will probably have noticed my post about New World Order (NWO) conspiracy theory, in which I acknowledged that I had not realised just how significant such thinking is, and how […]

  6. […] There is no New World Order conspiracy […]

  7. As do many conservatives, my thinking goes like this (and I don’t think you should dismiss it because we are many): The institutions that have liberated most of the humanity from grinding poverty (and continue to work their magic despite obligatory hiccoughs) have emerged after centuries of trial and error. These institutions are constantly under threat from ideologues such as Communists or Fascists and now environmentalists.

    Ideologues are always convinced that they must act on their convictions to save humanity (from themselves). And every time things go terribly wrong, without exception. Environmentalism is no different to Communism, it is an ideology of the totalitarian left with a mission to save Gaia from the plague of humans; and to save humans from themselves.

    It is not a big stretch to be concerned that the Green-Political-Industrial Complex is growing and taking over with a mission to return humanity to pre-industrial era of energy poverty and existential misery.

    You people, in your arrogance of conviction have began on a slippery slope of Agenda 21 denying it all the way. But it is baby steps, boiling the frog. It starts with light globes, ‘smart meters’, a ‘small’ carbon tax and ends with brown-outs, carbon cops and Centrally Planned Economy with a bunch of incompetents in charge that cannot be voted out.

    This is not a groundless fear. This has happened before many times. You guys must never be allowed to get real power. Thank goodness we have democracy. By the way, it’s laughable (and frightening because it is getting so much traction) that you leftoids are trying to change the world based on such pathetically weak theory that is AGW.

    Finally, ‘for evil to succeed, all good men have to do is nothing’ but luckily we are alert to your agenda.

    Schlomo Wahl

    30 May 2013 at 18:02

    • Thanks Schlomo. However, you seem to have overlooked one thing, which is that your clearly-stated beliefs are not consistent with reality: Many people who accept the fact that we live on a finite planet with finite resources are not left-wing or liberal; and I am one of them.

      Please post your fact-free, groundless dismissals of what you call AGW somewhere else, such as here:

      Martin Lack

      30 May 2013 at 18:45

      • I wanted you tho see where conservatives are coming from. Dismiss it as ‘not consistent with reality’ at your peril.
        Or you could work harder at trying to convince the ‘other’ half of the voting block.
        If you choose that path, I’d have to say that you have your work cut out and most likely you will fail. By ‘you’ I mean you lot (pluraly).
        Do you honestly think that in this day and age of freely available information and sense of entitlement, people will embrace your agenda of energy poverty and existential frugality ?
        Your transparent ‘secret’ socialist agenda has a few obvious fatal flaws.
        One is that you are trying to institute it by buying people off with taxing and then redistributing and thus feeding the entitlement expectation. This is bound to fail very quickly as the money runs out. At least the Marxists of old have lowered the expectations first and the populace of plebs toiled and died for a hundred years before the commy model collapsed.
        The other flaw is that your totalitarian agenda is being sold on the flimsy premise of ‘global warming’. Caused by us naughty humans.
        You can’be serious. How far is that gonna take you ?
        Which brings me to a third fatal flaw which is ‘in your face’ hypocrisy.
        Maybe you should tell the ‘sales’ team to be a little more in line with the message. Will am I should fly his helicopter less and ride his bicycle more. You know what I mean ?

        Schlomo Wahl

        1 June 2013 at 21:45

        • I have no idea what you mean and I think further responses will be a waste of time for both of us. This is because you appear to think that I am lying to you about my political views, or are just incapable of taking on board what I saying to you (singular).

          Martin Lack

          2 June 2013 at 19:08

      • Sorry, forgot about your main point about ‘finate’ planet.
        That might be a problem when there are 7 trillion people, but at mere 7 billion we are a mere pimple on the face of Gaia. We hardly even scratched the surface let alone started mining the centre of our planet. Hot molten magma full of precious, useful minerals to extract.
        The real danger is that the most precious commodity in the universe, the self aware animal that is a human might go extinct. The only intelligent animal that our planet has ever supported is the most precious commodity there is and if it’s existence comes at the cost of some ducks or spotted frogs then no big loss.
        Mother Gaia has already made extinct 99% of all species that ever existed.
        The stupid statements that we are already using 2.5 Earths or sum such nonsense are all based on assumptions. If I put my assumptions into that model, I come up with 0.001 of Earths we are currently using.

        Schlomo Wahl

        1 June 2013 at 22:08

        • With the greatest of respect, Schlomo, if you think 7 billion humans is not a problem (and /or that 7 trillion people would be anything less than completely impossible), I think you have been (at best) seriously misled. All our environmental problems are a consequence of there being too many humans pumping too many pollutants into the environment. Saying this does not make me misanthropic, it just makes me an environmental realist. I would suggest you start by reading this:

          Martin Lack

          2 June 2013 at 19:28

    • Haha. This bunch are hilarious. Worryingly, making us laugh is not their intention. You describe the ‘right wing agenda’, surely ? If they deny climate change, and refute that resources are finite, then when the infinite resources run out, there will have to be extreme measures taken ? Such as, “light globes, ‘smart meters’, a ‘small’ carbon tax and ends with brown-outs, carbon cops and Centrally Planned Economy with a bunch of incompetents in charge that cannot be voted out.” The left wing and ‘communist green parties’ are appealing for change now…looking to make a transition…if this happens then there will be no need for carbon cops. What a clown you are.

      Derek Irvine

      10 September 2013 at 19:09

  8. With regard to the US plutocracy leading the real NWO conspiracy, you might consider the information at

    Bill Everett

    8 July 2013 at 10:53

  9. Wow… Nw who? Listen, ok, im not a phd in anything, but i know this, throughout history not just today, people are being control or oppress by people who have a lot of money,wealthy are are in power, America to me is not just a country, but America is an idea of what a utopian society would be, democracy is play, freedom ring in the usa, we get to bash the president, and burn the american flag and that is our right, we can be communist or independence, i love America, but sometime their might be corruption in the government, not all of them just a handful of people, i believe trying to rule the world is a desperate move by any nation, America has alway been fighting against injustice ever since i can remember, yes in a country with people, is notperfect, mistake are made and correct the best we know how…


    9 January 2014 at 08:37

    • Thanks Dat. I agree that the USA is better than it was (in the McCarthyite era) and better than many other countries today (where freedom to burn flags is limited). However, USA is very far from being a Utopia; and Communism is not evil (it is just prone to result in tyrannical and undemocratic government).

      As I have said to others, my point here is not that there is no NWO. My point is that that those who advocate the need for action to prevent ACD (anthropogenic climate disuption) are not part of a NWO conspiracy.

      Martin Lack

      9 January 2014 at 11:25

  10. It’s intersting that you failed to mention the FACT that most politicians, captains of industry, and former high level government officials have actually called for a New World Order. This is an undeniable fact. H.G Wells wrote a book about it which pre-dates Nixon through to Obama whom used the same exact terminology as proponents of it. H.G. Wells defined it as World Socialism (communism) with a central world government where nation states cease to exist.

    Do you not know about this?


    5 November 2015 at 21:38

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment. I presume you are referring to ‘The Way The World Is Going‘ (1928)…? Neither this, nor any number of people calling for a fairer, more equitable and egalitarian, society – proves that the UN is part of a conspiracy to bring about global government.

      This is a classic ‘non sequitur’ and, in any case, if such was the UN’s purpose, non-socialist leaders of national governments would not fall over themselves to be seen supporting the UN.

      Leaving that aside, however, my main point was that the UN/IPCC insists that anthropogenic climate disruption is an urgent threat; requiring rapid and effective mitigating action… because it genuinely is; and it genuinely does.

      Martin Lack

      5 November 2015 at 22:48

    • It’s intersting that you failed to mention the FACT that, even within the comments on this post, there is no agreement over whether the nefarious conspiracy is plutocratic and elitist OR autocratic and socialist…

      Martin Lack

      5 November 2015 at 22:59

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