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If I cannot blog I will Tweet

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I am struggling to make time to blog so may have to investigate getting Tweets to appear here automatically.  In the meantime, there is this…

David Cameron at PMQs last Wednesday (Guardian/Press Association)

12 Responses

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  1. Wow!
    Better late than never…
    “Cameron replied: “I believe man-made climate change is one of the most serious threats that this country and this world faces. That is why we have the world’s first green investment bank here in Britain.

    “That is why, unlike 13 wasted years of Labour, we are building the first nuclear power station for 30 years in our country. That is why we have cut carbon emissions emitted by the government by 14% since we came to office.

    “That is why we have set out, year after year, carbon budgets in this country. They talk a good game about it but it actually takes people to come in, govern effectively and deal with it.”

    Patrice Ayme

    3 March 2014 at 17:48

    • Hi Patrice, thanks for following and visiting.

      Even if you are impressed, I am not! Cameron’s response is party political bullsh!t – typical of PMQs – solely designed for each sentence to be greeted by roars of approval from his own backbenchers. Sadly, he gives away his climate ostrich status in the first sentence: “I believe man-made climate change is one of the most serious threats that this country and this world faces…”

      Climate change is the most serious threat we face; and the longer our politicians keep denying that fact the harder it gets to do anything about it.

      Martin Lack

      3 March 2014 at 21:03

      • Don’t hesitate to reciprocate the visiting. I just fired a broadside at Putin, an apex pluto. As long as plutocrats are leading the dance, the poisoning of the Earth’s atmosphere will stay a back bencher.

        Patrice Ayme

        4 March 2014 at 06:59

        • Putin seems to have taken lessons in ‘reality inversion’ from the climate change deniers (or maybe it just comes naturally from years in the KGB).

          1. The Ukrainian government shoots unarmed protestors and Putin calls the new government the result of an ‘unconstitutional coup’…!(?)
          2. Russian soldiers confine their Ukrainian counterparts to barracks in Crimea and Putin says they will stay until the situation ‘normalises’…!(?)

          Martin Lack

          4 March 2014 at 13:55

        • I have had first hand experience of Russian aggression whilst serving (as an engineer, Aircraft Artificer) on 892 Squadron F4 Phantoms, HMS Ark Royal.

          We were carrying out exercises in the Eastern Mediterranean which of course involved the frequent launching of aircraft using the steam catapults and their recovery by landing on using arrestor wires.

          The Russians had a habit of shadowing us and during one period Kotlin Class guided missile (SAM) destroyers would hassle us by steaming across the bow of Ark whilst launching aircraft and across the stern during recovery operations.

          I happened to take a photograph of one as it joined us early one morning, early dawn. Later that day as we were launching aircraft, a Phantom F4 having launched from the waist cat’ with the Squadron CO in another on the bow cat’ about to be launched this Kotlin (365 Bravyy) had misjudged speeds and distances, maybe.

          Working below decks up front on 3 deck (the Flight Deck being 1 deck) on some gas turbine engines trying to achieve one serviceable from three that were broken I was aware of the launching going on and heard the Phantom being ranged on the bow cat’ when suddenly the vibration of the ship changed – dramatically as the skipper (Captain Raymond Lygo, later the late Adnmiral Lygo KCB) put the brakes on as a collision was inevitable through the Kotlin coming across our bows – against the maritime rules of the road for Ark was showing the appropriate signals for operating aircraft and every thing else should keep well clear.

          There not being a Tannoy (public address) near the forward hangar extension where I was working and with my tools dancing up and down waist high from vibration I proceeded quickly forward into the Air Engineering Department workshop where I knew there was one. Then the emergency klaxons started to sound and then there was an almighty smash (we had hit the Russian but I was oblivious to that fact at this time) and I was thrown of my feet into the frame of a metal bending machine.

          Realising something serious was afoot I then went about attending to another duty of that day which was to ensure the watertight integrity (Damage Control State) of Juliet section starboard side. This took me down to 11 deck, heaving home all hatch clips on the way down and the same on the way back up, expecting the next smash at any time for maybe they were lobbing missiles at us. Reaching 4 deck I wound up the nearest damage control telephone (field telephone type) to inform DCHQ that Juliet Section Starboard was closed up.

          It was only then that I learned of the true reason behind the mayhem.

          If you care to read about this incident from the point of view of the Captain then his book ‘Collision Course’ is worth a look. The perspective of the CO of 892 Squadron Phantoms – who was sitting in that Phantom on the bow cat’ expecting to be launched into the blackness can be found in ‘Phoenix Squadron’ by Rowland White.

          This little cautionary tale is to point out that the cold war was not always cold, indeed the Eastern Mediterranean was a constant point of conflict (look up USS Liberty) and the Russians have a strategic interest in the warm water ports of the Crimea which have access to the Med’ and further afield. We had close encounters of the threatening kind with Soviet Sverdlov class cruisers in the Caribbean. It was the advent of these particular ships that pushed the development of a counter in the form of the Blackburn Buccaneer which formed the mounts of the other fixed wing squadron on Ark.

          The history of the 19th Century contains a number of incidences where Britain had the wind up over Russian activities in the Black Sea and the Balkans and not just the better know Crimean War of 1853-56.

          I could expand on that last paragraph – another interest of mine is history in its wider context but with a focus on Maritime history and RN Victorian era vessels, as well as naval aviation.


          4 March 2014 at 16:25

      • And I agree that it was BS, but still good BS.

        Patrice Ayme

        4 March 2014 at 07:00

        • I think BS can only be ‘good’ if you’re the one spouting it. I hope, therefore, that you mean you think it was ‘effective’ BS…

          Thanks for the allusion to your latest (excellent) post on Putin’s fallacious equivalence of language and nationality. I took the liberty of appending a link to it in your previous comment.

          Martin Lack

          4 March 2014 at 14:11

  2. Martin: You are more than welcome, please link to my site as much as possible (and quote, whatever). I do think that the debate about poisoning the atmosphere has been poisoned mostly by the fossil fuel plutocrats (Kochs, etc.), but also, more deeply by all those who prefer conflict they profit from to progress that would profit others.

    Hence the anti-Pluto struggle is both a generalization, but also the only effective way to fight the abuse presently visited on the biosphere. My site is full of data about the satanic side of man, from all angles.

    Patrice Ayme

    4 March 2014 at 22:10

  3. Extremely interesting, anotheralionel!

    Russia built the largest empire ever: more than 20 million square kilometers (OK, the British empire was bigger cultural entity; territorially, at any given moment, it was actually smaller; Britain for example controlled most of India for less than 2 centuries; whereas Russia beat China/Manchuria in the Far East about three centuries ago).

    Building that largest empire was possible thanks to an extremely exploitative, conquering, relentless, nationalistic mentality. Reciprocally, the more it succeeded, the more it was conducive to that: more territorial control than, say, mind control. It also made Russian culture more conducive and tolerant of a fascist, imperialistic government.

    This is not compatible with today’s only sustainable civilization. In particular, the Russian Will to impose itself as the successor of Rome in the Oriental Mediterranean is on a collision course with reality. However, when Putin saw Obama call off his strike, and thus the French pilots who were already in their cockpits in their fully armed planes, he deduced that the Kremlin’s boot could kick civilization around.

    My site is full of history, especially of the Dark Side, and new perspectives on various military conflicts. Reading about military history is not just a hobby of mine, but a cognitive and moral call, as I think “war makes history”

    That’s the title of my latest essay; I took the freedom of putting there your very interesting eye witness report: people forget that the cold war could have become extremely hot at any point. It was a miracle of Russian roulette that we went through without thermonuclear war. But, wait, here comes another chance, with Putin…

    Another essay of mine “From Russia With Hate” (2008) says very much current, just like your report is. That’s why the present situation is so dangerous.

    Patrice Ayme

    4 March 2014 at 22:17

    • I had one senior moment whilst writing that screed about Ark Royal v Kotlin

      for bow cat substitute waist cat’ (on the angled deck) in

      I was aware of the launching going on and heard the Phantom being ranged on the bow cat’

      because the bow cat’ Phantom would have launched first otherwise there would have been some bent metal falling into the sea.


      19 March 2014 at 12:36

  4. Martin: I believe that this (which I’ve only just discovered — perhaps you’re already aware of it) has relevance here.

    Lots of words, summarised by “we the people are being lied to on a grand scale by those who wish to retain their cosy positions at the top of the heap as long as possible, even though that means taking us all down.”

    But I think we knew that already.


    16 March 2014 at 07:59

    • Thanks Colin. I do not think I had come across this yet. It is very interesting to see IRS tax records in the USA analysed like this. I am pretty sure no one has yet done this with the HMRC in the UK. However, I doubt it will be me that does it (but I will see what my Supervisor thinks).

      Martin Lack

      17 March 2014 at 13:44

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